This is a game made by two brothers. With an original twist on the game jam theme: rewind. Instead of having a game element that work with rewinding it´s the story that´s rewinded. So you start at the end of the game working your way back to the beginning. And instead of collecting xp to upgrade skills in the skill tree, you have to give upgrades up.

The game is based on a police team doing a big raid on a mansion belonging to the big mafia boss in town. You play as the main agent taking down the mafia in Mission Takedown.

StatusIn development
Made withUnity
Average sessionA few seconds
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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I dont now how to flip my charachter and also jump is floaty but great graphics

Art is great, but intuitive controls or tutorial is missing. movement felt a little clunky, and I would have had no clue that the rewind part is the fact that the story is backwards, since I didn't read the description till after playing.


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Controls over main charachter are confusing, the tutorial is missing, upgrades make absolutely no sense (no visual or gameplay feedback) and don't feel right. Only one thing is pretty - graphics. The graphics in the game are really great.

I will give advice for the future, it is very important to play your game, play your game at each stage of development. It will be a big plus to let your friends / colleagues play your game and get feedback from them on what needs to be improved. Good luck with your future projects!